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Collecting Art - Everything You Need to Know

Collecting Art Why should you start collecting art ? In this fractured world economy, most young people aren't about to buy their own home anytime soon. Instead, we're at the mercy of landlords and forced to schlep our belongings to a new place every few years (if we're lucky). The act of moving home so often doesn't just make investing in quality furniture like an Eames chair difficult, it makes you question whether to buy anything large at all. Collecting art is a marker not just of adulthood, but another, more elevated level of adulthood. Buying art is more of a random activity based on likes, preferences or attractions at any given moment, while collecting art is more of a purposeful directed longterm commitment. In both cases, you buy what you like, but if your goal is to collect art and do it right, you have to master two additional skills. The first is being able to effectively research, evaluate and decide whether or not to buy whatever works of art attract you